First District PTA was the “first” PTA district established by the California State PTA in 1912. The PTA district is a large geographic area stretching across the foothill regions of the greater San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County.

First District provides support, leadership, and communication services to 270-plus school PTAs and 21 local councils, which collectively represent a membership of greater than 85,000 parents, teachers, students, and community leaders…”serving children from Burbank to Pomona”.

First District is comprised of a diverse and inclusive demographic with families from varied ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

Our parents and PTA leaders are also diverse in language, skill, profession, training and talent. Each lends their time and expertise to empower others to advocate for the education, health, safety, and welfare of all children.

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Our Councils & Units

Alhambra Council of Parents and Teachers, Inc.

  • Alhambra High School Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Brightwood Elementary School PTA
  • Emery Park Parent Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Fremont Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Granada Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Marguerita Parent Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Mark Keppel High School Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Martha Baldwin Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Monterey Highlands Elementary PTA
  • Park School Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Ramona Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • San Gabriel High School Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Wm. Northrup Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Ynez Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.

Arcadia Council PTA, Inc.

  • Arcadia High School PTSA, Inc.
  • Baldwin Stocker Elementary School PTA
  • Camino Grove Elementary PTA
  • First Avenue Middle School PTSA, Inc.
  • Foothills Middle School PTSA
  • Highland Oaks Elementary PTSA, Inc.
  • Holly Avenue Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Hugo Reid Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Longley Way Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Richard Henry Dana, Jr. Middle School PTSA, Inc.

Bassett Council of PTAs

  • Bassett High PTSA
  • Don Julian Elementary PTA
  • Edgewood Academy PTSA
  • J.E. Van Wig Elementary PTA
  • Sunkist School PTA

Bonita Council of PTAs

  • Allen Avenue Elementary PTA
  • Arma J. Shull Elementary PTA
  • Bonita High PTSA
  • Fred Ekstrand Elementary PTA
  • Gladstone Elementary PTA
  • Grace Miller Elementary PTA
  • J. Marion Roynon Elementary PTA
  • La Verne Heights Elementary PTA
  • Lone Hill Middle School PTA
  • Oak Mesa Elementary PTA
  • Ramona Middle School PTA
  • San Dimas High School PTSA

Burbank Council of Parent and Teacher Associations, Inc.

  • Bret Harte Elementary PTA
  • Burbank High PTSA
  • Dolores Huerta Middle School PTSA
  • George Washington Elementary PTA
  • Joaquin Miller Elementary PTA
  • John Burroughs High School PTSA
  • John Muir Middle School PTSA
  • Luther Burbank Middle PTSA
  • Providencia Elementary PTA
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary PTA
  • Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary PTA
  • Theodore Roosevelt Elementary PTA
  • Thomas A. Edison Elementary PTA
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary PTA
  • Walt Disney Elementary PTA
  • William McKinley Elementary PTA

Charter Oak Council of PTAs

  • Badillo Elementary PTA
  • Cedargrove Elementary PTA
  • Charter Oak High School PTSA
  • Glen Oak Elementary PTA
  • Royal Oak Middle School PTSA
  • Washington Elementary PTA
  • Willow Elementary PTA

Covina-Valley Council of Parent-Teacher Associations

  • Barranca Elementary PTA
  • Ben Lomond Elementary PTA
  • Covina High PTSA
  • Cypress Elementary PTA
  • Grovecenter Elementary PTA
  • Las Palmas Middle School PTA
  • Manzanita Elementary PTA
  • Merwin Elementary PTA
  • Mesa Elementary PTA
  • Northview High School PTA
  • Rowland Avenue Elementary PTA
  • Sierra Vista Middle School PTA
  • South Hills High School PTSA
  • Traweek Middle School PTSA
  • Workman Avenue Elementary PTA

El Monte Council of PTAs

  • Arroyo High School PTSA
  • Charles E. Gidley Elementary School PTA
  • Cherrylee Elementary School PTA
  • Cleminson Elementary School PTA
  • Durfee Elementary School PTA
  • El Monte High School PTSA
  • Frank M. Wright PTA
  • Mountain View High School PTSA
  • New Lexington School PTA
  • Rio Hondo Elementary School PTA
  • Rio Vista Elementary School PTA
  • South El Monte High School PTSA

Garvey Council PTA

  • Arlene Bitely Elementary School PTA
  • Dewey Avenue Elementary School PTA
  • Eldridge Rice Elementary School PTA
  • Frances E. Willard Elementary School PTA
  • Garvey Intermediate PTSA
  • Hillcrest Elementary School PTA
  • Monterey Vista Elementary School PTA
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson PTA
  • Roger W. Temple Intermediate School PTSA
  • Sanchez Elementary Parent Teacher Association, Inc.

Glendale Council of Parent-Teacher Associations, Inc.

  • Balboa Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Benjamin Franklin Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Clark Magnet High School PTSA
  • College View SEPTA
  • Crescenta Valley High PTSA
  • Dunsmore Avenue Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Eleanor J. Toll Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Glendale High School PTSA
  • Glendale Mark Keppel Elementary Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Glenoaks Elementary Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Herbert Hoover High School Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • John C. Fremont Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • John Muir Elementary PTA
  • La Crescenta Elementary PTA
  • Lincoln Parent-Teacher Association of La Crescenta, Inc.
  • Monte Vista Elementary PTA
  • Mountain Avenue Elementary School PTA
  • Richardson D. White Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Roosevelt Middle School PTSA
  • Rosemont Middle School PTA
  • Thomas Jefferson Parent Teacher Association Inc of Glendale
  • Valley View Elementary School, La Crescenta, Parent-Teachers Association, Inc.
  • Verdugo Woodlands Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Woodrow Wilson Middle School PTSA

Glendora Council of PTAs

  • Carl Sandburg Middle School PTA
  • Elvin H. Stanton Elementary PTA
  • Glendora High School PTA
  • Grace Sutherland Elementary PTA
  • La Fetra Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Margaret R. Sellers Elementary School PTA
  • Robert H. Goddard Middle School PTA
  • Whitcomb High School PTSA
  • William B. Cullen Elementary PTA

La Canada Council of PTAs

  • La Canada Elementary Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • La Canada High PTSA
  • La Canada High School 7/8 Parent Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Palm Crest Elementary PTA
  • Paradise Canyon School Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.

Monrovia Council of PTAs

  • Bradoaks Elementary PTA
  • Clifton Middle PTSA
  • Mayflower Parent Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Monroe Parent-Teachers Association, Inc. of Monrovia, California
  • Monrovia High School PTSA
  • Plymouth Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Santa Fe Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Wild Rose Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.

Out-of-Council PTAs

  • Andres Duarte Arts Academy PTSA
  • Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall School PTA
  • Calvin Coolidge Parent-Teacher Association, Inc.
  • Charles H. Lee Elementary PTA
  • Gabrielino High PTSA
  • Grazide Elementary PTA
  • Henry Dalton Elementary PTA
  • I-Poly High School PTSA
  • Kwis Elementary PTA
  • Los Altos Elementary PTA
  • Los Molinos Elementary School PTA
  • Newton Middle PTA
  • Orange Grove Middle School PTSA
  • Paramount PTA
  • Pasadena City College PTSA
  • Theodore Roosevelt Elementary PTA
  • Thomas Jefferson Middle School PTA
  • Valinda PTA
  • Valley View Elementary PTA
  • Victor Hodge Elementary School PTA
  • Washington Parent-Teachers Association of San Gabriel, Inc.
  • Woodrow Wilson Parent-Teacher Association of San Gabriel, Inc.

Pasadena Council of Parents and Teachers, Inc.

  • Alexander Hamilton Elementary PTA
  • Altadena Elementary PTA
  • Andrew Jackson Elementary PTA
  • Blair School PTSA
  • Charles W. Eliot Middle PTA
  • Daniel Webster School PTA
  • Don Benito Fundamental PTA
  • Eugene Field Elementary PTA
  • Frances E. Willard Elementary PTA
  • Henry W. Longfellow Elementary PTA
  • John Marshall Fundamental PTSA
  • John Muir High PTSA
  • Madison Elementary PTA
  • McKinley School PTA
  • Norma Coombs PTSA
  • Pasadena High PTSA
  • San Rafael Elementary PTA
  • Sierra Madre Elementary PTA
  • Sierra Madre Middle School PTSA
  • STEAM Academy at Washington Middle School PTSA

Pomona USD Council of PTAs

  • Alcott Elementary School PTA
  • Cortez Mathematics & Science Magnet School PTSA
  • Diamond Point Elementary PTA
  • Emerson Middle School PTSA
  • Friends of Montvue PTA
  • Harrison PTSA
  • Kingsley PTA
  • La Verne Science & Technology Charter PTA
  • Lexington Elementary School PTA
  • Lopez Elementary PTA
  • Madison PTSA
  • Neil A. Armstrong Elementary PTA
  • Philadelphia Elementary School PTA
  • Ranch Hills Elementary School PTA
  • Roosevelt Elementary School PTSA
  • Roy G. Decker Elementary PTA
  • San Jose PreK-8 School PTA

Rosemead Council of PTAs

  • Emma W. Shuey Elementary PTA
  • Encinita Elementary PTA
  • Mildred B. Janson Elementary PTA
  • Muscatel Middle School PTSA
  • Rosemead High PTSA
  • Savannah Elementary PTA

Rowland Council of PTAs

  • Alvarado Intermediate PTSA
  • Blandford Elementary PTA
  • Hurley Elementary PTA
  • Jellick Elementary School PTA
  • John A. Rowland High School PTSA
  • Killian PTA
  • Nogales High School PTSA
  • Oswalt Academy PTSA
  • Rorimer Elementary PTA
  • Rowland Elementary PTA
  • Shelyn Elementary PTA
  • Villacorta Elementary PTA
  • Ybarra Academy of the Arts & Technology PTSA
  • Yorbita Elementary PTA

San Marino Council of PTAs

  • Henry E. Huntington Parent Teacher Association of San Marino, Calif.
  • K. L. Carver Parent Teacher Association of San Marino, California, Inc.
  • San Marino High School Parent Teacher Student Association, Inc.
  • William L. Valentine Parent Teacher Association of San Marino, California, Inc.

South Pasadena Council of PTAs

  • Arroyo Vista Elementary PTA
  • Marengo Elementary PTA
  • Monterey Hills Elementary PTA
  • South Pasadena High School PTSA
  • South Pasadena Middle School PTA

Temple City Council of Parents and Teachers, Inc.

  • Cloverly Ave PTA of Temple City Council PTA, Inc.
  • Emperor Parents and Teachers Association of the Temple City Council of Parents and Teachers, Inc.
  • La Rosa Elementary PTA
  • Longden Avenue Parents and Teachers Association of the Temple City Council of Parents and Teachers, Inc.
  • Oak Avenue Intermediate School PTA of the Temple City Council of PTA, Inc.
  • Temple City High School PTA of Temple City Council PTA, Inc.

West Covina Council of PTAs

  • California Elementary School PTA
  • Cameron Elementary School PTA
  • Edgewood High School PTSA
  • Edgewood Middle PTSA
  • Hollencrest Middle School PTSA
  • Merced Elementary PTA
  • Merlinda Elementary School PTA
  • Monte Vista Elementary PTA
  • Orangewood Elementary PTA
  • Vine Elementary PTA
  • Walnut Grove Intermediate PTSA
  • Wescove Elementary PTA
  • West Covina High School PTSA