This page is dedicated to information, and resources for PTA leaders regarding education and family engagement.

Have questions? Please contact the First District PTA VP Education Scott Harden via email at

Here are a few things your PTA can share and promote as the school year starts to help your parents be more engaged and participating in decision making at your schools:


Calling all First District PTAs – start your Founders Day celebration now by becoming more informed advocates for your children and schools by participating in the First District PTA Ed100 20 X 20 Founders Day Challenge.

  • All PTA units who have at least FOUR (4) new people sign up for Ed100 in 2020 AND who each complete at least FIVE (5) lessons will be eligible to win one of twenty $20 Smart & Final or Office Depot gift cards. That’s 20 total lessons completed for a chance at a $20 gift card in 2020!
  • All new sign ups who complete lessons from January 1, 2020 through February 20, 2020 will be counted toward required criteria. If more than 20 units qualify, there will be a drawing among eligible units.
  • Councils – help us get the word out to the units about this incentive! Every council that has at least one qualifying unit AND sends out at least TWO communications about the challenge will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card (Smart & Final or Office Depot). Please copy First District PTA on your communications (email, FB post, flyer) and submit copies to no later than February 20th.
There will be lots of issues impacting our children and schools in 2020. To honor PTA’s founders and our mission – working to improve the lives of all children and families – let’s build our knowledge base and speak with authority. So, sign up at and start completing lessons. Be part of our 2020 challenge. Become more informed, engaged parents speaking for every child with one voice.


LCAP* – Now is the time to educate – and learn by asking:

  • Where is your district LCAP posted? Is it easy to find on the website?
  • What are your district’s priorities? Do the priorities align with what students/parents think is needed?
  • Where and when can parents give input in the LCAP process?
  • Who in your PTA is participating in the process? Do they report at your PTA meeting?
  • How is your district reaching out and engaging parents? Are more parents participating in the process?  If not, ask why not? 
  • Review how you can participate throughout the year on the Seasons of LCAP flyer

* Local Control and Accountability Plan – For more information about what the LCAP is and how it works:

CreateCA – Creativity is Not Optional  

California State PTA is part of a statewide coalition committed to ensuring that all students have access to a full arts curriculum as required in California Education Code.  You can join the effort and make a difference in the following ways:

  • Be part of the campaign to raise awareness about the importance of arts education – go to and sign up. You’ll gain access to a tool kit of materials to help your efforts.
  • Use this flyer (PDF Attached) to go before your school board and not only talk about the importance of the arts – BUT ALSO ASK FOR AN INCREASE THE NUMBER OF OFFERINGS IN THE ARTS. Ask how this can be done.  Offer to set up a meeting to discuss solutions.