This page is dedicated to providing forms, information, and resources to unit and council PTA treasurers and financial secretaries.

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New Workers’ Comp Annual Payroll Report Process

The Workers’ Compensation Annual Payroll Report is a document that every PTA in the state is required to submit for insurance purposes by January 31, 2023. It is used to indicate if you paid anyone (including employees and independent contractors) for services, and the amounts you paid, if any. This report is required annually, even if you did not pay anyone. 

Send reports directly to AIM, not your council or district PTA. The Workers’ Compensation Report, and any surcharge that might be due, should be sent directly to AIM. Reports should NOT be sent through channels.

Links to forms, instructions, and other resources

If you have any questions about the Workers’ Compensation Annual Payroll Report process, the report forms, or Workers’ Compensation coverage in general, please contact AIM. AIM has a rich and deep understanding of PTA and has partnered with 47 state PTAs for more than 30 years. AIM has an experienced team that is available to support your local PTA 24/7 including weekends. AIM can also answer questions and provide information in Spanish if needed.

Tax Preparation Information

“PTA TAXES: What Do We Need to File?” Handout

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Every PTA Unit and Council must file Federal and State tax reports every year. California State PTA offers tax filing guidance and resources on its website.

  • It is very important that every unit and council file taxes each year, even if you made very little income.
  • Non-profits will automatically lose their tax-exempt status if they have not filed for the past three years.
  • Tax returns are due 4 ½ months after the close of your fiscal year.
    • If your organization’s Fiscal Year ends May 31 = Tax reports are due by October 15
    • If your organization’s Fiscal Year ends June 30 = Tax reports due by November 15

CLICK HERE to visit the California State PTA Tax Filing Support Center online

Conflict of Interest / Whistleblower Policy

As board members of a nonprofit organization, we have a fiduciary duty to conduct business in a manner that is transparent and appropriate and in line with state and federal law governing nonprofits.

Every board member is responsible for knowing and understanding the parameters of the PTA Conflict of Interest and Whistleblower Policies.

In addition, each year, every board member needs to complete the Conflict of Interest / Whistleblower Form.

Please make sure each council board member and unit board member is provided with a copy of the Conflict of Interest Policy and completes and signs the Conflict of Interest and Whistleblower Form.

The completed and signed forms should be retained by the unit or council treasurer as part of the organization’s corporate records, along with the tax filings.

California State PTA

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