Important Bylaws Information

    2022 Unit Bylaws templates are now available!  Please submit through channels to the First District Parliamentarian. Please note, all unit bylaw submissions must use the 2022 Bylaws.

    Questions about bylaws, parliamentary procedure, nominating committee and the election of officers?  Contact First District Parliamentarian, Michelle Hurst, at

    Bylaws Forms

    Click the links below for bylaws review materials and templates.

    E-BYLAWS (Units only; redirects to California State PTA website)
    Bylaws 411
    Bylaws Submittal Form For Units And Councils 2022
    Unit In Council Bylaws Template 2022
    Unit Out of Council Bylaws Template 2022
    English/Spanish Bylaws Template 2022
    Council Bylaws Template 2022

    Bylaws Review Process

    The following forms and information are available to assist with the bylaws review process. Click the links for more.

    Bylaws Play Essential Role
    Bylaws Play an Essential Role (Spanish)
    Bylaws Instructions
    Spanish bylaws terms
    Procedures for bylaws review (English & Spanish)


    Important Information for PTA Leaders

    Below are some helpful resources for all PTA leaders:

    Types of PTA Meetings

    Eight Steps to Making a Motion

    Sample Meeting Agenda and Phrases to Use