This page is dedicated to information and resources for PTA leaders regarding communications.

Have questions? Please contact the First District PTA VP of Communications, Rebecca Johnson, via email at

Part of the mission of the California State PTA is to empower and support our members with skills in communications. PTAs are encouraged to communicate with PTA members, the school community, and the community at large to inform them about PTA activities and school functions. We can also communicate a broader message about the value of PTA. As we communicate the PTA message, we will build identity, increase recognition for PTA, and advance the work of PTA in the community and throughout the state and nation.

Purpose of PTA Communications

  • Connect families and schools.
  • Encourage parent participation.
  • Market the value and accomplishments of PTA.
  • Promote joining PTA.
  • Foster cooperation with the school.
  • Work with the media

Representing PTA

PTA officers represent their unit, council, or district PTA. PTA is a diverse organization, and its leaders speak with one voice on behalf of all children:

  • Presidents are the official representatives of their PTAs and may appoint others to officially represent the organization, as needed.
  • Know and reflect the official PTA positions.
  • Do not commit the association to programs, projects, or positions the association has not voted to authorize.
  • Build credibility as an individual so that your comments are of value to the audience.
  • Do not mix personal and PTA opinions while representing PTA.

Consistency is Key

PTA has established guidelines for the proper use of the PTA name, logos, and tagline (everychild.onevoice). When used properly, PTA’s logo and tagline create a consistent message, help to unify all PTAs, and set PTA apart from the competition.

The success of our PTA brand identity system depends on all PTAs’ adherence to the established guidelines. These guidelines and resources are provided to establish a uniform, effective system for PTAs to use to maintain a consistent, visual style and brand identity for all PTA-produced materials.



California State PTA Resources for Communications

Social Media Advocacy Chart (PDF Download)

CAPTA Toolkit | Communications

CAPTA Social Media Kits

Visual Identity and PTA Logos



National PTA Resources for Communications

National PTA Social Media Tip Sheet

National PTA Local Leader Kit | Communications

National PTA Sample Social Media Policy

PTA Branding and Web Guidelines

National PTA Visual Identity Standards

These guidelines will create a distinctive, credible, and sustainable messaging for all supporting PTA units, to gain their loyalty and grow our organization, resulting in the organization working together–as one team with one voice.

PTA Advertising Guidelines

Suggestions for how to manage advertising for your publications, newsletters, and website.

Website Style Guide

PTA’s website standards for website content. It also includes a web vocabulary section to better understand web terms.

PTA Logos & Graphics

PTA Logos (EPS and TIFs in zip file)

Logos in English and Spanish for PTAs and PTSAs.

Guidelines for Using PTA Logos

Customizing PTA Logos