Now is the exciting time in our Reflections Program when we get to see the artwork created by our incredible students. And now is the time for councils and OOC units to submit their winning entries to First District. We will be on a very tight timeline so please respect the following instructions and contact First District if you have any questions before the deadlines.

Please read ALL the information carefully. This is important information about when Reflection entries are due and how entries must be submitted to First District. 

REFLECTIONS ENTRIES – Due MONDAY, November 18th (9AM – NOON) at the First District President’s meeting located at the Women’s City Club of Pasadena, 160 N. Oakland Ave., Pasadena. 

** Chairs, please remember that your president could help drop off the entries on that day, to save you the time of coming out.**

You are welcome to drop off the art entries at the First District office before the due date either Wednesday Nov. 13th or Thursday Nov. 14th between office hours 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Please call the office first at (626) 289-1448.

NOTE: The First District PTA office is closed on Fridays and will NOT be open on 11/18.

NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED LATE! If you have problems making one of these THREE submission opportunities, please contact the First District office or PRIOR to the deadline to see if other accommodations are possible. DO NOT CALL AFTER THE DEADLINE FOR ACCOMMODATIONS. We will try to work with you, but plans must be made BEFORE the deadline.


All Reflections art entries must be submitted in an art portfolio case labeled with the Council PTA name. 

  • The art portfolio case will help protect your student artwork, especially the visual art and photography, from damage and loss. Please check to see if your council has one and if not, you could purchase a good one at Michael’s with a coupon.

Additionally, please place the following in the portfolio in an envelope (9” X12″ or slightly larger office type envelope) and label the envelope with the Council/OOC name:

  • Reflections Council Participation Form This form must be filled out and accompany all the art entries.

  • Reflections Entries Transmittal Summary This spreadsheet should be filled out with all the entries submitted by the Council/OOC units for tracking purposes. Please (1) print a copy of the form and (2) email the spreadsheet to (not a PDF). This tracking form will help us keep track of all the various art works and help ensure that ALL the student artwork is returned. CLICK HERE to access the Reflections Entries Transmittal Summary worksheet.

  • Copies of each Student Entry Form in the order listed on the Reflections Entries Transmittal Summary spreadsheet. This is in addition to the copy that accompanies the artwork. Again, this is to help track all the entries through the judging process.

  • All Reflection Student Entry Forms must be filled out completely including the PTA Box above the form, both student and parent signatures, student information, title, artist statement, art details and category/division. (For Region PTA just write NA or slash through the open line). We are unable to accept entries with missing or incomplete information.

  • Please read the Reminders for additional information and submission requirements.


  • Please remember this is only a 1 student/ 1 entry form / 1 original art submission. NO GROUP submissions are allowed as per stated in the Reflections Official Rules. 

  • Please submit only your 1st place winning entries for each category/division, example: 1 primary visual art, 1 intermediate visual art, 1 middle school visual art, 1 high school visual art and 1 special artist visual art, etc…

  • All Reflections art entries and digital files must be labeled using the following file naming convention: State.Art Cateory.Grade Division.Last Name.First Name. Example: CA.DANCE.PRIMARY.SMITH.JULIE

  • All Entries for LiteratureFilm ProductionMusic Composition and Dance Choreography will need the following:

  • Both the art entry and entry form must be in individual 9″ x12″ or slightly larger office type envelopes labeled with name example: CA.LITERATURE.HIGH SCHOOL.RUSSEL.JAMES


  • Literature – 3 paper copies

  • Film – 3 copies of DVD or flash drive

  • Dance – 3 copies of DVD or flash drive

  • Music – 3 copies of CD or flash drive. For Middle school/High school division in addition to the CD/flash drive will need three (3) paper copies of music notation (music sheets). Please note: Music notation is required for Middle/High school division as stated in the official guidelines.

  • 3D Visual Art – visual art 3D entry submissions (ceramics, sculpture and models) will only need 3 photos or digital images of the 3D art taken from different angles. Please read and follow the Reflections Rules under Visual Art as stated.

Council Reflection Chairs – now would be a good time to remind your units that Student Entry Forms must be filled out completely. The information about date dues and insurance paid to council and the bylaws approval date needs to come from the unit president/treasurer/parliamentarian.