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Reflections Theme 2020 – 2021

I Matter Because…

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Virtual Reflections and First District PTA

CAPTA Local Unit PTA Reflections Participation Form 2020 | Click to download
CAPTA Council Reflections Participation Form 2020 | Click to download

All Councils and Units who are participating in Reflections this year should have their programs well underway.  Here are a few reminders and links to some great California State PTA training on Virtual Reflections.


  • The First District PTA (FDPTA) Reflections deadline is Monday, November 16th at 1 pm. All entries must be received by this deadline following National PTA, California State PTA (CAPTA) Reflections rules, and FDPTA submission requirements.

  • First District PTA will ONLY accept electronic entries this year. NO physical entries will be accepted at this time.  This requirement applies to all entries selected by Councils/OOC Units to be forwarded to First District PTA for additional consideration.

  • Councils and OOC Units must use the Virtual Student Entry Form and accompanying Google Sheet for all entries forwarded to First District for additional consideration. How to use these forms is covered in the training from CAPTA (see below).

  • Councils/Units may choose to run their Reflections programs as all virtual or as a hybrid of past and present styles.

  • Councils and Units who decide to run their Reflections programs as a hybrid must follow all local school district and county health guidelines and safety protocols regarding COVID-19.

Your Council/OOC Unit should have already received the Virtual Student Entry Form from First District PTA in an individual Zoom meeting.  If you have NOT received the form and are offering Reflections in your Council/OOC Unit, please contact ASAP.

Units – you must receive the Virtual Student Entry Form from your Council.  Please contact your Council President and/or Reflections Chair for help and to receive the form.

Here are Reflections resources offered by California State PTA.  The training mainly covers how the Virtual Student Entry Form works and how to share and use it.

⇒ Here is a link to the Virtual Form Demo & Unit Chair Info PowerPoint presentation. This presentation shows how to share the Virtual Student Entry Form with students via links (slides 3-7). Virtual Form Demo & Unit Chair Info PowerPoint

⇒ Here are links to CAPTA training info PDFs and videos on Virtual Reflections, called “What’s Next?”.  (The training was given by Lisa Snowiss, CAPTA State Reflections Chair, on September 23rd, 2020).

What you will find:

  • 2020 Virtual Judging Workshop PDF (PowerPoint slides from the workshop).

  • Virtual Judging Steps PDF (Printed description of the steps described in the PowerPoint presentation).

  • Morning Workshop folder and Evening Workshop folder each has videos –

    • Info Section video – Ties to the 2020 Virtual Judging Workshop PDF

    • Google Sheet Section video – Walkthrough of the Virtual Judging Steps PDF (Even though the programs were identical, both CAPTA workshops are included).

⇒ Link to the National PTA ID Look Up

⇒ If you missed the first two Reflections presentations this year, here is the link to the Introduction to Reflections and Virtual Reflections workshops:

⇒ If you’d also like to see the video to the Introduction to Reflections, here is the link. Scroll down to Tuesday to the last item listed: