What is a District PTA?

A district PTA is a subsidiary organization in a designated geographical area, established by California State PTA to facilitate the administration of the affairs of California State PTA and to implement its programs. The district PTA helps to coordinate the work of the councils and units with the plans and activities of California State PTA and National PTA.

To remain in good standing, a district PTA must:

  • Adhere to the Purposes and basic policies of the National PTA and the California State PTA;
  • Adhere to California State PTA policies and Bylaws;
  • Have Bylaws reviewed annually and approved biennially according to the procedures of California State PTA;
  • Have a minimum of three officers: president, secretary, and treasurer;
  • Remit the national and state portion of the unit per capita dues to California State PTA by the due date;
  • Forward unit and council insurance premiums to California State PTA by the due date;
  • Remit district PTA insurance premiums to California State PTA by the due date;
  • File all required state and federal tax returns and other government forms;
  • Submit names and addresses of association, council, and district PTA officers to California State PTA according to established procedures and due dates.

In addition, a district must:

  • Possess a Charitable Trust number from the California Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts;

  • File an annual Registration Renewal Fee Report (RRF-1) with the California Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts.

Responsibilities (Not All-inclusive)

Give advisory service to councils and units

Interpret PTA policies, plans, practices, and programs.

Organize and stabilize councils and local associations:

  • Cooperate with council officers and committee chairmen;
  • Confer with council leaders on local problems;
  • Assist the council in working with units; and
  • Where there is no council, appoint an extension committee to work with units.

Bring other parent-teacher groups into PTA membership.

Assist in studies of proposed changes in association status. The district PTA is responsible for organizing and disbanding units and must be included in the deliberations.

Compile a directory of council and unit officers for the California State PTA office.

Plan and conduct district PTA or regional conferences under state provisions.

Promote PTA publications and their purposes.

Remit per capita dues and insurance promptly.

File copies annually of the approved district PTA budget, audits, and year-end financial reports with the California State PTA treasurer.

Model and encourage advocacy and legislative efforts.

The district PTA shall not assess additional fines or late fees for late submission of insurance, per capita membership dues, or reports required by California State PTA.

District PTA Officers and Chairmen

District PTA presidents are members of the California State PTA Board of Managers during their term of office. A district PTA representative is granted the right to vote on the California State PTA Board of Managers when officially representing the district PTA in the absence of the president.

District PTA presidents and district PTA leadership are responsible for extension work within their PTA district including organization of all new PTAs and all changes in association status (Changes in Association Status).

Articles, radio talk shows, television appearances, and recordings about the PTA, other than what is carried in state and national publications or California State PTA publicity channels, should be released only under the supervision of the district PTA president or delegated representative.

District bylaws include a provision that all district PTA board members be residents in PTA district territory; parents of children attending schools in district PTA territory; or personnel of schools in district PTA territory.

Inter-District PTA Committees

An inter-district committee is composed of district PTA board members from two or more district PTAs to work in areas of common concern. To strengthen lines of communication, each committee may request that the California State PTA president appoint a member from the California State PTA Board of Managers to serve as a liaison to its group. When an inter-district PTA committee desires California State PTA assistance for a specific purpose, requests should be made through the Leadership Services Vice President.