Mission Statement

The mission of First District PTA is to provide our members with information and programs that foster skills development, leadership growth, and advocacy on behalf of all children and youth; and to sustain a comprehensive two-way communications network that links local units and councils through First District PTA to achieve the objectives of the organization.



  • To build a comprehensive and effective communications network that links our units and councils to First District PTA.

  • To empower, educate and support our councils, units and members by providing district and leadership services and resources.

  • To increase effective communication with councils, units and school districts.

  • To extend membership outreach, with a focus on our under-represented communities.

  • To build local capacity to promote awareness and support of the mission of California State PTA and National PTA.


First District President’s Theme: “One for All Children”

First District Membership Theme: “Membership is Sweet! – Our Commit-mint to Membership Growth”

District Membership Challenge: “Yes, You Can-dy!”

State PTA Membership Theme: Visit CAPTA.org for more information

State PTA Membership Unit Challenge: Visit CAPTA.org for more information

National PTA 2023 – 2024 Reflections Theme: “I Am Hopeful Because…”