Prop. 38 – “Our Children, Our Future”

Our Children, Our Future, is THE education initiative supported by PTA that invests directly in every child and every local school site to improve educational outcomes.    This is the year that Californians can restore funding and transform our local public schools. The California State PTA and parents everywhere are taking a stand. Together, we can do it!

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Weekly Resources and Updates on the
PTA-Supported Education Initiative

Prop 38 hits the airwaves

Have you seen the first statewide TV spot for Prop 38? The Yes on 38 campaign is spreading the word about how Prop 38 will send billions of dollars to local schools to restore school programs such as art, music and gym. Watch and share the ad.

You could be the next Yes on 38 TV star!
Share your story of how Prop 38 will benefit your children and your school and you could be featured in an official Yes on 38 primetime TV spot. All you have to do is record a quick video and upload it online.

President Carol Kocivar has issued a special call to action to all PTA members to record your video and submit it today! For additional details, visit

Here’s a clip from a video submitted by the son of one of our state board leaders. Make your short video today!

Organize a local PTA event for Prop 38

Organizing a local PTA event or activity in support of Prop 38 is easy! It’s also a great way to promote the guaranteed funding your school will receive when Prop 38 passes.

Here’s a great example from PTA members in the San Fernando Valley who hosted an event in support of Prop 38 near Beaman Park in Studio City this week.


Start planning your event today! If you would like more ideas or assistance in reaching out to the media for your event, please contact Michelle Eklund.

In the news

PTA members across the state are helping to spread the word far and wide about the five guarantees of Prop 38 and what it will do for our schools when it passes. Take a look at the latest headlines.

  • San Francisco Chronicle – Op/ed article by President Carol Kocivar

“For too long, politicians in Sacramento have cut or manipulated funding for California’s schools. That’s why the California State PTA said, ‘Enough is enough’ and helped write Proposition 38 to restore the programs our students need and deserve.” Read more.

  • Union Tribune – Opinion article by Ninth District (San Diego) PTA leader and advocate Bey-Ling Sha and Prop 38 leader and civil rights champion Molly Munger

“Proposition 38 also helps prevent future cuts to schools by setting aside $3 billion annually through 2017 to reduce the state deficit by helping to pay down the education bond debt. These savings can be used by the state to increase spending on higher education or other programs.” Read more.

Rapid response

In this space we’ll share with you facts and information regarding frequently asked questions.  This week’s question: “When Proposition 38 passes, what happens to the ‘trigger cuts’ in the budget?”

Answer: California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson said recently in The Sacramento Bee, he believes the Legislature and districts would revisit their trigger cut arrangements if Prop 38 prevails.

“If there is a pot of money generated outside of the budget deal, it still addresses priorities the governor and Legislature said they care about,” Torlakson said. “So I think the Legislature would find a way to bridge the budget gap knowing the money is coming in.” Read the full article.

Training opportunities

Training to develop the skills to share information about this important, PTA-supported effort to restore school funding continues. The next training opportunities are taking place in Northern California.

  • SACRAMENTO – Tuesday, October 2 from 6-8 p.m.
  • EAST BAY – Friday, October 5 from 7-8:30 p.m.

For more information, please contact California State PTA. Be sure to include your name, PTA, city of residence, contact information and what training location you would like to attend. Also, don’t forget to register for the social media webinars. For more information, click here.

To request a training in your area, please contact the Director of Legislation Patty Scripter.

Are you registered to vote? There’s still time.

Be sure your friends and family are registered to vote for the November 6 election. The deadline to register for this November’s election is October 22. Your voice matters! Click here to register online in English or Spanish.

Download the latest Prop 38 materials. Click here.

Ideas and Input
Want to share something you or your PTA is doing to promote Prop 38? Email Michelle Eklund at the California State PTA at