2013-14 Membership Campaign Checklist

  1. Set Your Goals – To set your goals you should probably
    • First – Learn more about PTA Membership and Running a Campaign — there is great information on the California PTA website
    • Second – Set goals to achieve, be recognized, win awards from your Council, First District PTA or even State PTA — an outline of the 2013-14 Requirements and Goals will be available here as the goals for the coming year are developed and approved.
  2. Choose a Theme  (California State PTA’s Theme this year is “Watch Us Grow”)
  3. Create a Campaign — get the word out again and again and again — determine what will capture the attention of your “audience” and find way to make that happen; Here is a great outline of membership ideas & tips
  4. Create a Working Budget — make sure you will be able to cover the expenses of your campaign
  5. Get Your Tools/Resources
    • Membership Envelopes/Forms – the means by which you will gather your dues/member info — you can use the preprinted envelopes available from PTA ($15 for 500 – available through your Council, or if you are a Council through the First District PTA office)
    • Flyers, Posters – create creative marketing items to capture the attention of your parents/students/teachers — templates to make professional looking marketing materials are available on the California PTA website