Recognize student artwork through the PTA Reflections Art Program. In this section, you’ll find the tools and resources you need to organize a Reflections Art Program at your school.

Reflections Theme 2017-18:  “Within Reach”     


2017-2018 Within Reach Flyer

2017-2018 Celebration Guide

2017-2018 Local Leader Guide

2017-2018 Local Leader Guide (Espanol)

2017-2018 Official Rules

2017-2018 Official Rules (Espanol)

2017-2018 Student Packet

2017-2018 Student Entry Form

2017-2018 Entry Form (Espanol)

2017-2018 Local Unit Participation Form 

2017-2018 Theme Entry Form

2017-2018 Theme Entry Form (Espanol)

List of Past Reflections Themes

2017-2018 Volunteer Sign Up Form

2017-2018 Reflections Reviewer Packet

Art of Family Engagment Packet


Use the California State PTA Reflections Toolkit to guide your PTA/PTSA and make your Reflections program a success

Step 1: Start the Arts

Walk through a step-by-step process for engaging students, parents and educators in Reflections while learning about resources and tools provided by your State PTA and National PTA.

  • Take the Reflections e-learning course. Coming Soon!
  • Contact your state PTA for a Local Leader’s Guide, state-specific dates, forms and additional information.
  • Consider the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships to ensure your Reflections program meets its intended potential.

Step 2: Organize and Plan Your Program 

Recruit a committee/team of volunteers to assist with program tasks. Also recruit community arts professionals to review artwork and determine awards.

Step 3: Promoting Reflections

Share announcements widely using PTA, school and community communication channels. Be sure to include a deadline and drop off location as well as submission instructions.

Step 4: Organize Artwork for Judging

First, check-in entries and review artwork for qualification. Organize entries by division and category and assign them to a judge.

  • Share this Information for Judges along with a copy of program rules.
  • Instruct judges to complete their rankings on the Judging Scorecard. Conduct blind-judging and provide judges with the entry’s artwork title and artist statement.
  • Assign awards to all qualifying entries. Award levels may include: Award of Excellence, Award of Merit, Honorable Mention and Participant.

Step 5: Celebrate and Recognize Your Participants

Step 6: Wrap Up


Reflections Program Updates

  1. Literature Rules

Fiction or Nonfiction: Prose, poetry, drama (screen play and play script), reflective essay, narrative, or short story.


  1. Visual Arts Rules

2D artwork no longer has a thickness requirement of 3/8”


3D artwork no longer specifies the size requirements of 12x12x12 inches. Artwork must be able to move for display purposes and include 3 photos of the entry for judging, ID and exhibition purposes (entries that require assembling/repairing from transporting will be disqualified). State PTAs may choose to enforce their own size dimension requirement.


Submitting & Judging 3D works of art

First of all, 3D entries will not be sent to California State PTA.  Instead, three photographs of the 3D piece will be required.  The piece itself will need to be kept by the artist in case it is needed for display either at California State PTA or National PTA, but the artist will be responsible for sending it in for that purpose.
Local units may opt to accept the photo method for judging, but may be more comfortable with having the actual artwork.  If you do not have space at school to devote to storing the 3D work prior to and after judging, you could specify a particular day that the artwork must be brought in then picked up and have your judge(s) available during that time.  The student would still have to submit a student entry form and the three photos by your due date.  Their actual art would not come in until you were ready to judge.  You would have the judge(s) come in, then have the students retrieve their art.  If they place locally such that they would go to the next level (council and/or district), the pictures would serve as the entry until the art is otherwise needed.  Remember, California State PTA and National PTA will only be accepting the pictures for judging, so the pictures will have to represent the 3D works of art.


See attached:

2015-16 Visual Arts Category Update 2D & 3D along with Photographic Collage & Photomontage PowerPoint


  1. Label back of entry and/or including 3D electronic photo of entry


(ie: ca.primary.visualarts.smith.joe)


  1. Local Unit Participation Form

Complete the paper Participation Form – keep a copy and forward a copy with advancing entries to the next level, council or district


  1. Council Participation Form

Complete the paper Participation Form – keep a copy and forward a copy with advancing entries to your district