Mission Statement


The mission of First District PTA is to provide our members with programs that foster skills development, leadership growth, and advocacy on behalf of all children and youth; and to sustain a comprehensive two-way communications network that links local units and councils through First District PTA to California State PTA to achieve the objectives of the organization.


Children First - First District PTA



  • To continue providing district services, resources, and training that will strengthen our councils, units, and members.

  • To increase effective communication with councils, units, and school districts.

  • To increase membership district wide.

  • To extend diversity and inclusion outreach efforts.

  • To provide leadership services, to mentor, and support councils and units.





Confidentiality is of paramount importance in carrying out PTA work. All officers, chairmen and members of the First District PTA Board are expected to adhere to the highest level and strictest standards of confidentiality when fulfilling their PTA responsibilities and representing First District PTA.