First District PTA Superintendent & Administrator’s

Conference 2017 

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NGSS – Next Generation Science Standards

Next Generation Science Standards

What Parents should know about Next Generation Science Standards & Changes

PTA and school, teacher and administrator partnerships

PTA vs Unaffiliated Groups – What’s the Difference?                                         

School Board & PTA partnership                                                                     

Superintendent & PTA partnership                                                                                  

Site Administrator & PTA partnership                                                                            

Teacher & PTA partnership                                                                                                

School SMARTS Model Brochure   

PTA and STEAM, the path to the future

What your PTA can do to promote STEAM

STEM Education Outside the Classroom/Partnerships  (power point)                                                

STEAM Night Activity – Invisible Ink    

STEAM Night Activity –  Invisible Waves   

STEAM Night Activity – Family Code Night

STEAM Night Activity – Math/Multiplication

Science Night Ideas      

Science Night Resources                                                                                                                     

Science Night Set Up

Superintendent & Administrator’s Conference 2017

Monday, October 23 

Doubletree Hotel  

924 W. Huntington Dr. Monrovia, CA

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Janneen Volsey

Associate Professor of Education

Liason & Coordinator for Professional Development Schools  

Cal Poly Pomona

Dr.Kitty Cahalan

Outreach Program Coordinator

Caltech Center for Teaching, Learning and Outreach